TimmyTube Halloween Skit – Premiere and Photoshop Effects

Photoshop Effects
Hey YouTube! In this little Halloween skit I use Photoshop and Premiere for special effects. In Photoshop I created the laser overlay. I use motion and scale in Premiere to make the laser overlay look like it’s moving. While editing in Premiere I used a Chroma Key effect on a puppet head and dropped down the opacity in the effect timeline. In an upcoming video I will do a step by step “how to” for this.
Get the puppet making tools here: https://vids4kids.tv/timmytube-network
Free Puppet Round Head Pattern – https://vids4kids.tv/timmytube-network
Green Fur Sock Puppet – https://youtu.be/9dYJfXAPrvc
Foam Puppet Head – https://youtu.be/vDfrHcGlVvg
Foam Puppet Head 2 – https://youtu.be/hG1HMh3BDJg
Puppy Puppet – https://youtu.be/CTBDLsskRAg

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